Resident Artists



Emma Foster, Printmaking



Emma Foster is a printmaker and artist based in Philadelphia. She is inspired by place and the natural world, repetition, patterns, and geometry, and is learning to approach her practice with a sense of playful curiosity. She finds that engaging in the process of art making is relaxing and meditative; it’s a way to feel grounded in the present and can help mitigate the fear and worry that she experiences when contemplating our world and its current climate. Emma is fascinated by the way people engage with her work - leading to experiments with scale, function, viewer interaction, and animation.

Emma went to Arcadia University to study Art Therapy. She graduated in 2019, and then participated in a 4 week residency at Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland with Arcadia University. Emma has worked for Galbraith & Paul in Philadelphia as both a hand-block textile printmaker, and currently as a color specialist, mixing paint colors for the linen yardage. Emma has also been a member of BYO Print, a cooperative printmaking studio and artist collective located in Old Kensington, since 2021. Growing up in a small NJ town, attending a Friends school, being a member of BYO Print, and working for a small studio have all influenced her deep appreciation for community, and Emma is so excited to join the community at Cheltenham this fall.