Really Big Print Show through October 14, 2013

On view: September 15, 2013 - October 14, 2013
Gallery Hours: 10am- 3pm

Really Big Print Show

 September 15th- October 14th, 2013



 Swell - Nick Santinover and John Swindler

Award winners were announced and presented at the opening reception on Sunday, September 15, 2013. The Cheltenham Center for the Arts Award was presented to Kyra Devine for Introducing... The Horrific Flying Spider and The All Too Terrifying Man-Eater, the Sponsors Award was presented to Nick Santinover and John Swindler for Swell,  the Printmakers Memorial Award was presented to Johnny Plastini for Into the Void.
Artists include: Cynthia Back, Arthur Brener, Kyra Devine, Mili Dunn Weiss, Heather Huston, Nichola Kinch, Anthony Lazorko, Carolyn Muskat, Johnny Plastini, Nick Santionver and Jon Swindler 
This group represents five different states plus Canada with work ranging from large installations to smaller "Big" pieces.